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About us:

Northern Parkway Treatment Services is a State Certified Opioid Treatment Program serving the needs of individuals impacted by opioid addiction and related psychosocial issues.


Our mission is to provide a range of treatment services to adults whose health and well-being has been impacted by the use of opiate based drugs.


We believe in the disease concept of addictive illness and will treat our patients with dignity and respect in all phases of their treatment experience. We will serve patients in an environment of privacy and safety, and will work according to the highest possible standards of professionalism.

Our Core Values:


We strive to be caring, demonstrating concern for patient's needs and insuring patient's well-being.


We strive to be accountable, recognizing our contribution in making change happen when change enriches the treatment experience.


We strive to empower by involving you, the patient in the clinical process by sharing the work of change and not enabling helplessness.


We strive to give respect by not displaying a judgmental attitude, but attempting to listen, understand and evaluate situations fairly while ensuring the worth and dignity of every patient.

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